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Embodied astrology

Transit Theatre

A workshop to explore and align ourselves with the current astro weather as a reminder that humans were never meant to exist without the guidance and awareness of the stars. Our bodies are experiencing the planetary cycles and movements and can indeed guide us if we tune in! We will use embodied techniques inspired by Interplay, Theatre of the Oppressed, and other modalities that open us to our own body wisdom and intuitive intelligence.  We will ground ourselves first in the most relevant planetary movements and then explore how these planets are impacting our personal birth charts as opportunities to expand, release, reflect, dream or liberate! No previous knowledge of astrology required. No theatre experience necessary. Come ready to play and move in whatever way feels good.

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Astro 101

A workshop to explore the basics of a birth chart and the major points and planets in your personal astrology including the Sun, Moon, and Rising.  We will also dip into house placements of your Sun and Moon. We will use different modalities including art, storytelling, embodiment, and writing in order to weave an in depth understanding of the basic elements in the chart.  Perfect for beginners or folks who want to know more about your big 3 and how they interact with each other.


Workplace Team Building with Astrology

Using the language of astrology can be very revealing and enlightening when trying to make the most harmonious, productive, and understanding partnerships in work.  I can help a team identify elemental strengths and absences, as well as explore communication styles. This is well suited for new work partnerships in facilitation or organizing.