Workshop Testimonials

"I came to Giselle's workshop with some exposure to astrology but minimal knowledge besides my sun, moon, and rising sign. I didn't know what to expect but was surprised by how inspired I felt afterward. We played games and open reflections which felt like the knowledge of astrology became incorporated into both my intellect and my body. I understood where the planets stood and how that may be effecting me at this moment. It was affirming given that the last couple of weeks for me had been a little tumultuous. I left the workshop empowered and went immediately to buy a workbook she recommended. I couldn't sleep that night thinking of planets, stars, and where I sit in the universe. Astrology feels more approachable to me now and I am seeing it as a helpful tool I can utilize regularly. Needless to say, the workshop was impactful and I am excited to attend more and continue to build my knowledge and confidence with astrology!"

"In the past, my experience with amazing astrologers had been that they were able to tell me what they know, but it had felt like a bit of brain dump - I’d found that their word's resonated as they spoke but I was unable to retain, re-access or explain any of the information for myself afterward.  
My experience with Giselle Castaño has been the opposite. She is an incredible and intuitive astrologer, but also an incredible teacher - which is a unique trait that makes all the difference. I felt like I could finally see the “show your work” portion behind the answers to the math problems (if that makes sense :)).
The class was interactive, personal, inspiring, and artfully taught. I will definitely be returning for both readings and workshops. Ms. Castaño is one of those people that is so good at teaching, that it changes the way you relate to the subject. My friend and I left Giselle’s astrology workshop and immediately went to the bookstore to buy the workbook she had referred to us, so that we could apply some of the new skills she had taught, and keep exploring.
I was so excited to share what I learned that I ended up attempting mini-readings on my friends and family for the week that followed, which sparked some really beautiful joint reflections and self-awarenesses if nothing else, and very much highlighted that there is so much more I want to return and learn from these workshops!  I’m definitely looking forward to the next offering of lessons, and highly recommend them to anyone interested in broadening the tools in their box for self-reflection, and discovery."