Can I get my chart read more than once?

Yes absolutely! It’s actually impossible to get everything out of the chart in one session. There are many areas of the chart we can explore over many sessions and new energies moving in and out of your life as the planet's current movements continue to impact your life.  



What is sliding scale?

This is what I consider to be fair and reasonable compensation that allows me to sustain my practice as an astrologer and offer readings on a regular basis. I will not determine which price to charge you; rather, I ask that you keep in mind the value of the work I am performing and to do what you can to offer a fair exchange.

Trading in services, food, plants, art work, or chores are all welcome in lieu of or in addition to money. If you are interested in bartering or trading, please read the FAQ below and send me a message. Additionally, please contact me if you have any questions about these conditions.



How can I pay?

I use Square for processing credit/debit cards.


What are you willing to barter or trade for?

Music lessons (guitar, voice), fitness instruction, tax/financial support, body work (massage, craniosacral therapy, reiki, acupuncture, chiropractic), photoshoot, access to retreats/music festivals/spas, concert tickets, herbal consultation (ayurvedic, western, chinese), artwork, jewelry and tatoos.