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Scorpio Workshop

Venus Retrograde ends November 16th everybody. Wow. And we just had a whole lot of Scorpio season. We’ll have space and time to explore what this retrograde meant for us and how best to integrate the lessons. We will also unpack some of that big bad Scorpio energy! Possibly one of the signs that gets thrown the most shade and least valued by our general society. There are reasons. Why? Mostly I’d say patriarchy and misogyny. Come. This isn’t just for Scorpios! This is for all lovers of astrology, folks who want to learn more about their own charts and align with the current movements of the stars! That’s right, the planets are always moving and activating all kinds of vibes.

We will use embodied techniques inspired by Interplay, Theatre of the Oppressed, and other modalities that open us to our own body wisdom and intuitive intelligence. No previous knowledge of astrology required.  Come ready to play and move in whatever way feels good. You can check out some testimonials on my website!

Please Register by 11/15 and pay in advance.

Sliding Sclae Cost: $20-35 venmo/paypal due 11/15 (This keeps me organized! Please pay ahead of time!)

Date: Saturday, November 17th

Time: 11:30-1:30pm

Address: 725 24th Ave South

Space Limited to 13

Please Read-Info on Entrance Accessibility

Entrance 1 is a side door to the studio entering from side walk,no steps. Enter from Dearborn St. The space is a converted garage so just knock on the door. 

Entrance 2, come to the front entrance and walk through wooden gate to your right leading into the garden. Please don't knock or ring  the doorbell. Walk through the mystical garden to the back of the house and you will see a small studio looking converted garage to the left of the chicken coop. It has a blue-ish door. There are beautiful chickens! There is a flight of stairs leading down to the studio space. Please come fragrance free!

Please come fragrance free for the wellbeing of everyone in the space. Here is an organization with really good information on why this is important and how to actually be fragrance free.

This house is owned by a lovely neighbor who you may run into.  She's very friendly and loves sharing her space with folks so don't be shy ;)